A Menu that Sparkles

My first visit to Jano Bistro was influenced by my obsession with the World of WearableArt. A production, come fashion show that takes place annually in Wellington, gathering artists from across the globe to display their weird and wonderful creations.

As a WOW virgin, I didn’t realise how much of an impact it would have on the city until everywhere I looked was Sparkle. This year’s theme – sparkle – made a statement on mannequins, in bookshop windows and most intriguingly, on restaurant menus.

Being a massive foodie I couldn’t let this opportunity pass and so I made a reservation at one of the most highly regarded restaurants in Wellington.



With one look at the shimmering menu, I was sold and had no question it would deliver beyond expectations.

Putting my faith (and extremely ravenous appetite) in their hands, we ordered some wine.


The themed menu kicked off with some impressive science, pouring liquid, into baking soda which created a magical pink sparkly drink, that tasted much like cabbage water.



Not your average duck liver parfait with toasted brioche, this had a splash of french aperitif with a gold sparkle glaze atop the jelly.


If that wasn’t enough to satisfy me, then came the ora king salmon with potatoes, clams, saffron and fennel. I wanted to savour each bite but couldn’t help myself. Lucky for me I had another course to go.



You’re either a starter or a dessert kinda person, right? This bowl of heaven confirms why I’m the latter.

I knew how much I’d appreciate this one as it was crafted with my favourite NZ chocolate, Whittaker’s.




If you don’t catch the WOW menu when the show is in full swing – between the end of September and beginning of October – it’s no biggy. There won’t be as much sparkle but all of their dishes derive from local produce, giving you a true representation of New Zealand food.

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  • Absolutely gorgeous! What divine presentation. I’m inspired to put more thought into my own creations this week.

    • Jess

      Thanks Ella, it was one of nicest looking menu’s I’ve ever tasted! Glad you’ve taken some inspiration from it 🙂 happy blogging! Jess x