The Most Famous (and delicious) Chocolate Cake in New Zealand

The second stop of our adventure out of the city (the first you can find by clicking here) took us to Zany Zeus for their legendary chocolate cake. I hadn’t heard of this hidden gem before but there was a good reason why I should have.

As we approached the front door I wasn’t expecting the shop to be so jam packed, but when I was told Scarlett Johansson had been a regular here when she was shooting a movie in Wellington, I understood why.

Zany Zeus busy Saturday

There’s not just the Chocolate Cake to excite you!

The queue was a blessing, giving me time to decide exactly what I wanted to stock up on. There was so much of what I love on offer. Greek yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, all at a fraction of the price I pay in supermarkets.

Assortment of cultured products

I grabbed a smaller tub of the greek yogurt and opted for a chicken thai wrap from the counter. I resisted buying any of the cakes and decided to hold out for the ultimate treat.

Counter cakes and savouries

Greasy but good cheese sandwich

Zany Zeus was established in 2000 and is renowned for their cheese, winning countless awards for bringing new products like halloumi to the New Zealand market.

The halloumi sandwich was a popular choice with customers on the day but unfortunately, I didn’t have the stomach capacity or hands to manage it all.

The famous halloumi sandwich

As I neared the till area the chocolate cake came into view and what a fine looking cake it was. I asked for a slice to take away and waited patiently until it was mine to devour.

The famous Chocolate Cake

Placed on the counter for customers to admire

The slices are generous and worth every cent of the $7.50 you pay for it. One slice can easily be shared between two, although I’d recommend getting your own. It really is too good to part with.

I had a slice of my own to devour

Zany Zeus packaging

Have you tried the famous chocolate cake yet? Let me know what you thought of it in the comment box below.


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  • sjhigbee

    It all looks delicious – if only I wasn’t allergic to chocolate…

    • It really was! That’s a shame, but there’s so much more to try. I’ll be going for the halloumi sandwich next time – yumski!

  • That chocolate cake looks like a great excuse to take a trip to New Zealand!!

    • Jessica Fletcher

      It’s definitely worth the trip, as well as the rest of the beauty NZ has to offer 🙂