Te Ahumairangi Hill Lookout, Wellington

What’s there to do on a sunny day in Wellington?

I’ve been living in the capital of New Zealand for over a year and it hadn’t occurred to me until now how many walks there are around the city.

I love nothing more than going on a walk. One because it’s an enjoyable form of exercise (if you can even count putting one foot in front the other strenuous?!) and two, the end of the track usually rewards you with something pretty special, whether that be a panoramic view, a waterfall, or even a monument.

So to rejoice in the change of season I’ve vowed to be a tad more adventurous this spring/summer and get tramping.

Te Ahumairangi Hill sign

Tree trunk step

Wellington CBD

Westpac Stadium

Lookout view

Oriental Bay, Wellington

View of Wellington city

Plane coming in to land

Mountains in the distance

Flying bird over lookout view

The walk takes just 30 minutes from the city centre up to the top of the hill. You can get to the track a number of ways, for the most scenic route go through Bolton Street Cemetery and past the Botanical Garden.

Tip: The best view isn’t from the top but half way up to the lookout you’ll come to a bench. There you’re able to see a more panoramic view of the city.

What are everyone’s favourite walks? Any recommendations for walks I could take this summer in Welly or other parts of NZ?

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