Wellington Chocolate Factory Tour

I’ve never put much thought into the chocolate making process but as I savoured the flavour of my first (and fairly expensive) Wellington Chocolate Factory (WcF) bar, my interest began to pique.

The craftsmanship that went into these bars was pretty impressive and so I booked their tour, from bean to bar so I could find out more.

From the offset, the factory is in a league of its own and not what I’d typically expect one to look like, misconstrued by the imagination of my childhood. It’s small, industrial and open plan. The setting gives it a ‘hidden gem’ feel, located on Eva Street which is down a narrow alleyway, unspoiled by the footfall that parades around the rest of the city.

As I walked inside I was greeted by the smell of – you guessed it – good old chocolate with a hint of coffee. To the right workers stood (hand) wrapping the bars, meanwhile, machines worked their magic in the background.


The factory inside as you walk in

A shelf full of all sorts

We started from the beginning, with the bean, and learned that WcF import single origin beans from all over the world to create the best organic chocolate. The stories behind the bar are just as special as the creations themselves, but I won’t spoil that part for you.

The cacao beans we tried

Who’d have thought, two of my favourite things (chocolate and coffee) come from a bean.

The cacao

Our lovely tour guide

The best part is always the tasting

We got a sample of each bar to distinguish the differences in texture and taste. The winner for me was the Coconut Milk, followed closely by the Cubana Chocolate and Coffee bar created with Havana Coffee.

Savour the taste

The wrapping for the bars have a unique design depicting the taste and story behind the chocolate. Something that adds to the brand’s uniqueness.

The tastiest bar of them all!

Stacks of cacao beans

The chocolate heating machine

Things here are done the old school way, like hand wrapping each and every single bar themselves.

Hand wrapping the bars - old school style

Dreamy chocolate display

Not your average looking chocolate factory

To finish the tour on a high we had a complimentary hot chocolate, by far the best I’ve tasted.

Complimentary hot choc

The best hot chocolate in town

Need to know:

  • The main tour is held every Saturday at 11am and runs for around 45 minutes, or you can book a private tour
  • The tour is a steal at $15pp (NZD)
  • Follow them on Insta to keep up with any special events and new creation’s
  • They cater for a range of diets so there’s no stopping you from treating yourself!
  • Their bars are sold across New Zealand so if you can’t make the tour buy and try

Have you ever been on a food tour? I’m keen to do another and need some inspiration…

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