Memoirs On The Moves’ A-Z List of Travel

Based on my own experiences this A-Z sums up the adventure of travel. Trusting it will create a commonality between us nomads, I’d like to encourage more of us to take advantage of the unique situations we find ourselves in. If only it means becoming more of a “yes” person, striking up a conversation with a stranger, or simply valuing the importance of maintaining relationships back home, this list will be worthwhile.

Ask – Never be too proud to ask a question, whether it’s for directions, advice or an opinion, it’ll give you a unique perception of the place you’re in and might lead you down a path you wouldn’t have otherwise gone.

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BackpackYour holy grail, where all of your possessions live during your time away, so pack accordingly and never be too careful where you leave it. Use a small padlock for peace of mind.


Change – Embrace it, you might not be as keen on one place as you were the last but you won’t come across another country like it, that’s the beauty of seeing the world.


Depart – First things first, get on the plane! It might be one of those regrets in years to come and who wants to be haunted with “what if’s”?



Educate – And I don’t mean in maths, those days are gone. More along the lines of culture, cuisine and lifestyle. You might have to step out of your comfort zone but that’s when the best things happen, right?

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Family – Keep in touch and don’t let relationships fall by the wayside. Inevitably you won’t have as much time on your hands as you did before, but if you set a date once a month to do the FaceTime rounds it’ll be easier to manage.


GadgetsYou might be offered advice to avoid taking valuables, but you won’t find many wanderers without a camera or an iPhone. How else are you going to capture magical moments or spend your downtime in hostels?

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Health – Don’t lose touch with what your body needs. Granted the first thing on your mind is to have fun, but if you go by these healthy travel tips you won’t go far wrong. 


Itinerary – Spontaneity is the most liberating way to travel, but mapping out a rough guide will ensure you get to see everything you want to in the time you have. If you need some inspiration take a look at MOTM’s Pinterest board.


Jet lag – There’s no beating this if you’re travelling far, so give yourself a few extra days at your first stop to get to grips with the change in time zone. To minimize the effects, try not to sleep at your destination until the evening.

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Keepsake – With limited space, you can’t exactly get carried away with memorabilia, but all you need to collect are travel tickets, business cards, and excursion brochures. Then when you head home, let your creative side shine.


Last – Try to give it six weeks to get used to your new way of life before deciding it’s not for you. You might hate being in a foreign country with no one by your side, but we’ve all been in the same boat and being alone isn’t that bad once you get used to it.

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Money – If you’ve saved prior to travelling remember to set aside an emergency fund. You never know what’s around the corner and might have to return home or even decide to change your plans.


Nostalgia – A natural love/hate emotion for many nomads. As well as feeling homesick it’s common to fall in love with a time and place along the way, sure  it’ll take some beating but if nothing else compares you can always return.

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Openness – Being open to what you’re experiencing is all part of the fun, don’t shy away from eating a crispy cricket on Thailand’s Koh San Road, take that surf lesson on Bondi Beach in Aus, where else are you going to get to do this stuff?

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Persevere – A lot of people portray travelling as a walk in the park but there are times when it gets tough and sometimes you want to give up. That’s just life, it’s the same wherever you go, so keep at it. At least travelling makes it worth it.


Question – Try not to be naive when you’re out in the big wide world. Most people are genuine and willing to help, but always keep one eye open. If your instinct tells you something is wrong it probably is.


Research – It pays to do some background research before you commit to booking anything. This is especially relevant for accommodation, as hostels can be hit or miss and the last thing you want is to check into a grubby room after a long flight.



Share – Whether you’re a social media addict or more of a private person, it’s inspiring for others to get a glimpse into the life you’re leading. You never know, this could encourage someone you know to follow in your footsteps.


Transport – Choose wisely, a flight might sound more appealing but explore your options. The bus could be a quarter of the price and you have the advantage of seeing more along the way.



Unite – You’ll meet tons of people travelling and it’s possible to cross paths with them again. Make an effort to connect on social media so you can catch up with a friendly face further down the line.

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Visa – Don’t be caught out by the visa fiasco, you might not think you need one going from one place to another, but it doesn’t hurt to check the regulations which can save you a whole lot of hassle in the long run.


Work – Depending on your working preferences always look the part and you’ll be at an advantage. Ensure you have an electronic version of your CV and a cover letter template handy for when you need to apply.


X, marks the spot – If you’re overwhelmed with ideas of where to travel first and the decision is all yours to make why not be extra spontaneous. Blindfold yourself and use a pin to choose a country, wherever it ends up on the world map is where you’re headed.

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Yes – Be a yes person! Travelling is about living in the moment and the exciting part is not knowing where you’re going to end up the next morning. Make a habit of saying yes, you’ll have plenty more entertaining stories to tell.


Zzz – Don’t underestimate the power of sleep, ensure you get enough shut-eye as early starts will become your enemy and you won’t find yourself enjoying things as much as you should be.



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