A Sunrise Over Bondi

Deciding to rent an Airbnb on Bondi Beach had to be one of the best decisions I made before flying half a world away to Sydney from Wales in the UK.

Usually more inclined to stay in the hub of any city, I decided against it, this time, around, propelled by the thought of the long sandy beaches I had once seen on Bondi Rescue and of course I wanted a taste of how the Aussies lived first hand.

It was safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. As far as magical moments go, the sunrise over Bondi has to be up there, each hour the scene altered, surpassing the breathtaking hues of warmth that shone before them.

This had unsurprisingly resulted in one too many SD cards full to capacity by the end of my stay, but I had no regrets with snaps like these to reminisce over.




If you enjoy photography, then this is a great place to practice. I’ve never had so much fun experimenting with my camera settings, trying to capture daybreak through its motions and the ant like surfers riding the waves.




Beyond Bondi though, I discovered 3 more miles of stunning coastline that I was oblivious to at first and thereafter became my ritual walk each morning, joining many others that started their day this way.

The Bondi to Bronte Walk is one of the most famous in Sydney, not least because of its breathtaking views out to the Pacific Ocean, but the vantage points you pass along the way.


It doesn’t stop there; If you fancy a challenge I’d recommend you keep going until you get to Coogee Beach, this is where you’ll stumble across one of my favourite spots, Gordons bay. A small cove that maintains a ‘hidden gem’ feel in spite of where it’s situated.

After my two week stay had passed it was time to head up the East Coast. I was grateful I had caught the start of summer, allowing me to perceive Sydney’s shoreline for the beauty it really was, at the same time sad to leave this memorable part of my journey that had to continue on.


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[…] I based myself in Bondi, as I wanted to be by the sea so only spent a fraction of my time in the centre of the city. […]