Caffe L’affare – Wellington

There’s nothing more satisfying on a (sunny) Sunday than wandering around the city to find a new brunch spot. And when I find one, to sit and sip coffee for as long as I please without unproductive guilt creeping in.

This week I found just the right place, Caffe L’affare. A highly regarded roaster in the city but not somewhere I’d typically choose from the offset, with a slightly cold exterior.

My curiosity piqued when I saw how busy it was.


I didn’t know what to expect when I entered from the reflective outside, but the inside took me by surprise. It was like a workshop with various stations, each producing something different, coffee, food, water. There was a lot going on, but in a good way, it was warm and comforting.






As you might have gathered I settled for a mocha, but not just any mocha, this one came with a dark chocolate Whittaker’s bar, complementing my coffee all the way from Ethiopia.




A large section towards the back of the shop is where the coffee lovers go to order a blend of their choice. Or if they’re really splashing out, to buy a savvy piece of brewing equipment.




I didn’t have 10k to spend on a top of the range coffee machine, so for now, I’ll have to keep up my brunch outings.

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