Multi-Cultural Coffee Culture

Travel promises many new things; new places, new people, new cuisines, new experiences, new memories, new challenges…to name a few.

However, all things new comes hand in hand with impermanence and inconsistency. Whilst this can be empowering and encourage spontaneity, it is also important to keep yourself grounded and establish some form of balance when constantly on the go. For me, this has entailed balancing excitement with tranquility, social interaction with time to oneself and exploration with stabilisation.

One way I have sought to achieve said balance is through coffee. But by much more than just the drink itself. Global coffee culture is taking the world by storm, and not just in a teacup. Coffee has become a concept, from origin, to production, to branding, to the environment it’s served in. Coffee is competition for local businesses and with social media and review websites ruling the roost and dictating many travel choices, competition is fierce.

The caffeinated drink offers the perfect excuse for some individual R, R & R (reflection, rest, and relaxation). But what it truly offers is a constant go to and some form of common ground for the wandering.

With each new place I have visited in Southeast Asia, I have found the best coffee haunt in town to hang in, collect my thoughts on my present and past whereabouts and blog about my journey. Below are my best finds so far (mainly, thanks to TripAdvisor), categorised by country.


Hanoi – Hanoi Social Club

Hoi An Roastery

Ho Chi Minh

Workstation Coffee



Not just another cup

Coconut Monkey


Saffron Coffee

Common Grounds


Merchants Lane


Nova Coffee

Seminyak, Bali


Ubud, Bali


Have you had a coffee from any of the above? What kind of coffee culture have you experienced around the world?










Liv Sayers

Liv Sayers

Liv is a fun lovin' city girl from the UK who is always discovering new and exciting haunts on her travels. She doesn't stay in one place for too long so keep up with her whereabouts on Facebook.
Liv Sayers

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