Cycling to Lyall Bay for Lunch

If you’ve read some of my other Wellington posts, you might have gathered that occasionally I like to escape the city. 1, because we have no car so rarely get out of the city, or motivation to use public transport and 2 because there are some beautiful spots on the outskirts of Wellington that I’m always keen to check out.

I worked out that Lyall Bay was, give or take a 40-minute bike ride from Wellington and according to the car route I had previously done, a pretty flat one. For amateur cyclists like us, it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Where to rent a bike in Wellington?

We rented 2 bikes from The Enormous Crocodile Company on the Waterfront. This company is by far the cheapest! For 4 hours (half a day), it cost us $25 each and we were told to have them back by 7pm at the latest, which gave us heaps of time.

The route to take

From the rental place, we took the recommended Google cycle route to Lyall Bay. We could have followed the coast but it would have been very windy and taken a lot longer so we stuck to the inland option.

What to eat?

There are three main cafés on Lyall Bays front:

  1. The Botanist
  2. Maranui Cafe
  3. Spruce Goose

We chose Spruce Goose as it was the least crowded and we could sit outside to watch our bikes. (We forgot to ask for a bike lock, so don’t forget this if you’re planning on stopping for food and need to leave your bikes).

The food and view were exceptional. I always love when cafes put a spin on my favourite brunch dish. Avocado smash with beetroot relish and walnuts!

I also tried one of the Six Barrel Soda juices for the first time, which was pretty good and very refreshing after the ride.

After a stroll along the beach, we made our way back and somehow took a wrong turning. It was all good though, we arrived in Newtown from Constable Road which was the excuse I needed to stop for a cheeky break at Peoples Coffee for a flat white cold brew.

What are your favourite leisurely bike rides?


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