Ekor, The Cosiest Cafe and Bookshop in Wellington City

Coffee and books, the ideal combination.

I must admit I’m not much of a reader, but you don’t have to be to appreciate this quaint little bookstore and cafe located on College Street.

The books are modern and creative, ones that you can happily flick through without getting too engrossed. But if you do there’s the option to buy, or like me, you can use it as an excuse to visit again.

An endless supply of books

Regardless of Ekor’s increasing popularity, you can always find a corner to claim. Whether it be the sofa, comfy chair at the front of the store (my personal favourite) or one of the table and chairs. Find your spot, order a cup of Peoples Coffee and soak up the snug atmosphere.

Peoples Coffee

I even love the cups, china with no handles. It’s the simple things.

My current choice of book is One Lovely Day by Claire Donaldson, full of rustic style event inspiration with pictures taken from around the country.

Choose one of the many creative books to read

Inside the bookshop looking out

If you’re feeling peckish Ekor always have delightful snacks on display. Once in a while, they collaborate with local businesses like Little Doug Company and Peoples Coffee. Keep an eye on their Instagram for a heads up.

Savoury and sweet treats at the counter

Cosy corner in Ekor to chill out with a book

When you’ve exhausted your time here take a wander around the vicinity, there’s always somewhere new I’m discovering this side of town.

From outside of Ekor

As for Ekor, my words (and pictures) don’t do it justice, but I’d go as far as saying it’s the best Cafe in the Coffee Capital. Go and see for yourself.


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