5 Foods that New Zealand do Well

Being an expat and newbie to this country I often get asked what foods I miss from home. Despite my occasional hankering for a marshmallow flump, each time the question proves harder to answer, unable to recall a type of food I truly crave.

With my palate becoming more accustomed to a Kiwi kind of diet there are certain foods that have me hooked, in some cases ones I’d prefer I didn’t enjoy so much, but what the hell, everything in moderation right?

1. The Chocolate

If you think Cadbury tops the chocolate charts then you have to try Whittakers. The NZ confectioner makes several flavours including milk strawberry, peanut butter, and coconut block, all of which I’ve slowly been munching my way through. So far my favourite being the simple but delightful creamy milk.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 17.45.34.png

Taste it for yourself…  

Whittakers export to Australia and a few other countries in Asia. If you’re further afield try your luck in a New Zealand specialty food shop or get a friend or relative who happens to be in any of the above countries to send you some.

2. The Produce 

If you like to eat healthy then you’ll love NZ . Every weekend most towns and cities host their own Farmer’s Market where stalls sell the freshest (not to mention cheapest) fruit and veg. Like me, you might discover produce you didn’t even know existed like the peacherine and feijoa. Just remember the kiwi alternatives, like the kumara for instance (also known as the sweet potato) otherwise, you might not find what you set out for.


Taste it for yourself…

Wherever you happen to be in NZ chances are there’s a market close by. If you want to make the most of your morning there are larger events such as the  Harbourside Market on Wellington’s waterfront where you can grab a bite from one of the many food trucks whilst listening to some local talent.

3. The Burgers 

I’m unsure as to why, but this country, especially the capital knows how to deliver a mean burger. I’m yet to devour one from the famous Fergburger in Queenstown but my current favourite stands as Ekim, not least for the incredible atmosphere but the succulent burgers that come in an understated brown paper bag.


Taste it for yourself…

There’s no way around this one, jump on a plane and try one for yourself. If you get to Welly try a Beefy Pete from Ekim and burgers from The Mt Vic Chippery, Burger Liquor, and Grill Meats Beer.

4. The Seafood

Being a lover of Sushi and seafood, in general, I’ve come to appreciate how fresh it is in New Zealand. Not only does it taste better here than anywhere else I’ve been, but the variety of places to eat makes it more affordable.


Taste it for yourself…

Yoshi is my favourite for sushi on the go. It’s the only Japanese and Kiwi run sushi joint in the CBD and both branches deliver a wide selection of nigiri, maki, gourmet sushi and more.  For fish fresh off the boat get to the farmer’s market on a Sunday morning.

5. The Māori Hangi

If you’re searching for a real taste of tradition opt for Hangi at dinner time. The dish typically consists of vegetables, kumara (sweet potato) and meat that is cooked for three to four hours until tender in a pit dug into the ground. With some time to fill, you can interact with Maori’s and get to know their history and culture.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 22.19.29.png

Taste it for yourself

You can taste Hangi at most cultural experiences in New Zealand, usually in places like Rotorua in the North Island of the country. If you can’t make it to one of these then some restaurants/take away’s produce this fine dish, or if you’re feeling brave try giving it a bash yourself.

Anything you think I’m missing from NZ? Comment below and also tell me what foods you’ve become obsessed with whilst travelling.

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Bunny Eats Design

Great list! I have eaten sushi here in NZ, in other countries and in Japan. While NZ sushi isn’t always authentic, the quality is very good even for mid range sushi. I would also add cheese to your list.


Thanks Genie, you’re right there, I bet the sushi is incredible in Japan. I look forward to reading some of your blog posts, especially the one about the CheeseFest where I can get some ideas of what to try 🙂

Aisling Redican
Hey Jess! Great post. I had a venison burger in Fergburger in Queenstown when I was there three years ago. It was my first time having venison, and it was surprisingly milder than what I was expecting. The burger itself was alright, had a bunch of mumbo jumbo in it… Read more »
Hey Ash, thanks for your comment 🙂 Well that’s interesting, I think there’s a big hype surrounding it so they’ve got a lot to live up to. I’ll definitely have to try one when I’m there in a couple of weeks so will get back to you on my verdict!… Read more »

Hello! I’ve been living in NZ for a year now (ex-Melbourne) and you are right – the produce like cherries from Blenheim are BEYOND! And I don’t know why but Whittakers here tastes so much better than the ones I’ve had in Aussie.


Hey, thanks for reading my post 🙂 I know right? Whittaker’s is sensational, I could eat it all day long! Hope you’re enjoying NZ, have you visited Wellington yet?


Going to New Zealand soon – this top is really on time, thanks:) Will start with the chocolate, I guess!



Glad you found it useful 🙂 Yes, you’ll love Whittakers there’s plenty of variety to choose from too! Enjoy your trip, Jess X


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