Get your cook on with these 5 Insta Accounts


This account is run by Andrea, a young mother who captures her life in Hawaii as a plant based vegan. She shares pictures of her family life, focusing on her two sons who are just the cutest. There are plenty of exotic recipe’s to try like acai bowls and her nice cream, which is on my list to make.



I love love love this account which is run by Mel who travels the world, sharing all of the different food she tries along the way, most of the food I’ve never even seen before but it’s interesting to see what people eat in various countries and encourages me to try more when I go somewhere new.



If I could musted the motivation to get up early enough to make breakfast’s like these I would! But instead I choose to wake up to one of Emily’s mouth watering post’s. To add to my excitement she’s an avocado and egg enthusiast, much like myself and shares her collaborations of ingredients to sway me from my mundane avo on toast.



After watching the Forks Over Knives documentary I was drawn to this account to see if being vegan is at all tasty and exciting. Much to my dismay, making a little bit more effort and experimenting with spices and flavours can turn any dish into a delightful one without the addition of meat, seafood or dairy.



As a personal trainer and author of The Body Bible it’s a given that Alice’s insta feed epitomises motivation. She posts pics of the dishes that help her maintain a healthy lifestyle and kindly lists all of the ingredients for her followers. It’s never been so easy shifting that winter coat ready for summer!


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