How do You Know When it’s Time to Move on?

We landed in New Zealand almost two years ago (October 2015) and when we hit the two-year milestone in October this year we’ll be heading back to the UK and starting all over again.

To up sticks and move to another country is a damn sight harder than it seems. But when your feet inevitably start to itch you have to ask yourself, is dropping everything you’ve worked hard to build up worth taking the risk for another adventure?

For the past few month’s I’ve battled with this question. Not knowing if I’d regret leaving behind some of the things we’ve likely taken for granted in our time spent here; like our rustic two bedroom (affordable) apartment in Aro Valley, the luxury of walking 20 minutes to get to work every day and having the best coffee in the world practically on the doorstep.

So, (I hear you say) if it’s so great then why are we moving back to the UK instead of staying put?

1. Deciding on a purpose and sticking to it

Wellington was never in our long term plans. Even though we settled in Wellington as soon as we got here, we’ve used it as our base to travel around New Zealand and see the rest of the country. Which we have done (for the most part) and are planning on doing some final trips before we leave. Watch this space!

2. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Nobody can deny New Zealand of its beauty but there’s a price to pay and for me, that has been the distance. It might not be as far from Australia and the beautiful South Pacific islands but everywhere else in the world takes forever to get to. Making Europe an even more desirable continent to travel around when we get back.

3. Missing out on the moments that matter

With distance comes the reduced amount of time spent with loved ones. This is a big deal for us considering how close we are with family and friends. We’ve already missed the rare occasion and if we can help it, don’t want to miss out on any others. Even if we decided to live a few hours from home, it’s far less hassle (and money) spent than taking a 24-hour flight across the globe.

4. If you can make it abroad you can make it anywhere

The excitement of living somewhere new is probably the biggest reason we’re leaving New Zealand. When you move to an unfamiliar country and achieve things you didn’t think you were capable of, it sets the bar higher for when you relocate. Moving back to the UK and living in a different city won’t come without its hardships but we’ll know exactly what to expect (with the extra support of family).

5. Always taking something away with you

When your days become consumed with researching flights and new places to live I’d consider making the day dreams a reality. Like with most things in life, follow your instinct. I know our decision will come with doubts but I’d rather leave New Zealand on a happy note rather than waiting until I totally resent it because I’m not 100% happy here.

The most important thing to remember is how far you’ve come and what you’ll take away from the experience. New Zealand isn’t going anywhere and neither is anywhere else on the map. If you can afford to, follow your heart and everything else should fall into place.

Have you ever had to make the decision to stay or go? How did it pan out? Would love to hear your thoughts below.


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