New Year, Old Me

I love the idea of a clean slate as much as the next person but for me, the 1st of January no longer defines a new start.

In the last year or so I’ve tried my very best to do something when I say I’ll do it! Otherwise, procrastination will kick in and it’ll either take me forever and a day to get around to it or I never will.

Take my trip to the Maldives last summer. I knew that if I left it two weeks before to go to the gym I wouldn’t feel my best. So, when we booked the holiday of a lifetime in March, I listened to that voice (you know the one) telling me to get my ass to the gym. So, I did, and had never felt better in a bikini!

With that said, I’m bringing the same mindset into this year because it worked. And here’s why…

I got my blog past the 3-month hurdle

As most blogs fail within the first 3 months of launching, I was interested to see how far I’d get with my new hobby. It didn’t come without its difficulties and I’d often become demotivated but introducing a scheduled day to post, forced me to become organised because I knew that I had to get something written to go up on that day.

I put time aside for myself  

As my blog developed so did my passion for improving it and I started to listen to podcasts. But I could never find the time to listen to them. I decided to dedicate an hour in the morning before work to walk the duration of my podcast. It was a battle getting up every morning at the crack of dawn but after a while, it became second nature and I loved it!

I owned my introvert nature

Unsurprisingly it was confirmed when I was working in the Government that I was an extreme introvert from a team building day. I’d always thought of this as a bad trait growing up but when I accepted the fact it gave me the drive to challenge myself in small ways. I’d even put myself forward and be a YES person to tackle my fears.

I became healthier and am happier for doing it

In October I watched a documentary on YouTube about veganism and from then on, I decided to eat a vegan based diet. It’s been just over four months and I have no cravings for dairy or meat whatsoever. I’m so proud of standing by my new found beliefs and having fun experimenting with new foods doing it.

I took the plunge and started a YouTube channel  

If you’re a private person by nature it’s not easy to immerse yourself in social media, let alone uploading a video on YouTube for the world to see. I’d been playing with the idea of filming my first YouTube vlog for months and in October finally mustered up the motivation to edit it on iMovie and (slightly longer) and bottle to upload it onto my new channel. It was the best thing I’ve ever done!

What traits are you bringing from last year into this one?

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