Airport Irritations we Live With When we Travel

Despite how many times I’ve passed through the airport it’s hard to ignore the habits of fellow passengers who do the same annoying things as they go from one destination to the other.

This thought came to me the other morning – as I sat waiting for my flight to Hamilton, just an hour north of Wellington in New Zealand – when somebody at the gate took it upon themselves to instigate a queue, which of course triggered others to join.

The funniest part, though, was that our flight hadn’t even been called, and as the line grew longer I sat comfortably in my seat as other airport irritations came to mind.

1. Queueing at the gate for no apparent reason

It never ceases to amaze me when people queue for the sake of queueing. This happens in many instances but mostly I’ve noticed in airports. It only takes one person to set it off and then everyone else is up, irrespective of whether or not their seat number has been called. Maybe they’re scared the plane will leave without them or think it’s first come first serve. Who knows.


2. People’s legs drifting into your air space

There’s a reason why we pay for one seat on a plane so that we’re confined to that space during a flight, am I right? But some, of course, are an exception to this unwritten rule and after a well-deserved nap, I often find my neighbours have shifted their legs in my direction. Before I know it their feet are positioned under the seat in front of me. How did that even happen?

3. Being one of the last to leave the plane

A pet hate of mine is when the person sat in the seat behind waltzes past you when it’s time to get off the plane. Like their time is more precious than yours. They’re not going to get much further, especially when customs are involved. Don’t be that douche, have some patience and allow the person in front of you longer than a second to get their bag from the overhead locker otherwise they’re not getting out for a good while.


4. Expecting to depart as soon as the plane lands

When the seatbelt sign light switches off after the plane has landed everyone springs up out of their seats as if they expect the airstair or jet bridge to be operative before the engine has even stopped running. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was space to stretch your legs but the plane is always in gridlock for at least 15 minutes before leaving, all huffing and puffing and leaning on the seat in front.


5. Hovering over the conveyor belt

I can’t help but chuckle when I enter this phase of my travels, especially when I’m with my mum because I know what’s coming. A long rant about how close people stand to the conveyer belt. A frustration I’ve adopted, it’s clear to see that if everyone left a small gap between them and the belt we’d all be able to see our bags passing and not have to scramble through a crowd to yank it off.

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Brill , I can relate to all of these annoying things when flying , it’s like survival of the fitest