Romancing in The City That Never Sleeps

After spending the first day of our trip in Brooklyn which you can read all about here, I was excited to wake up and not have to leave Manhattan because I had planned to take Mat on a romantic tour around the city.

Mochaccino decaf, nonfat.

We started with Cafe Lalo for brunch, a French café on the Upper West Side famous for its appearance in You’ve Got Mail (which if you haven’t seen yet, watch it! After you’ve read this post of course). The desserts are what attracts most people to this cosy haunt – the list of treats is endless but I opted for my favourite combo, avo on toast and a mocha-ccino, resisting all cakes, pies and pastries, saving my sweet tooth for what I had in store later on.

Cafe Lalo Menu

Cafe Lalo Desserts

A romantic day in Manhattan wouldn’t be complete without a walk through Central Park, the best way to get from the Upper West to the Upper East Side. The park is a different place in the winter compared to summer months but regardless of the season, it remains quiet and calm and creates the illusion of being in a bubble in the centre of the city.

A Stroll Through Central Park

There’s no denying I’m a foodie and so the day was centred around just that and coincidentally visiting some of my favourite movie scene spots.

Serendipity (n) finding something good without looking for it.

Serendipity has been on my list for a few years now, the last time I was in NY I was alone and knew sharing a dessert on my lonesome wouldn’t be quite the same, so I waited and was glad I did!

Serendipity Menu 2


When in Serendipity, I had to re-enact Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack’s moment at approx 1:52 in this clip. 

The Famous Seats Where Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack Sat

The sundaes were everything I hoped they would be. Large, chocolatey and sickly. I even surprised myself when I couldn’t finish the whole lot.

The Ultimate Sundae

Only facial expressions can express my love for this place! Here’s a slo-mo of me having my first taste.

Before we knew it light turned to dark and the city lit up, we admired the Christmas decs on 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Centre before walking to Bryant Park.
City Christmas Lights and Rockefeller Centre

Bryant Park Christmas Market

At Christmas Bryant Park like many areas of the city transforms and is host to festive stalls that sell everything from hot food and drinks to Christmas tree decorations.

Bryant Park Christmas Market 2

Christmas Stalls

To rest our tired legs we found a spot to sit and sipped our Spanish hot chocolates. Too full to get our skates on we watched those who braved the rink and made a toast to a day well spent in the City.

Spanish Hot Chocolates

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