Valentine’s On a Budget: Travel Style

Searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift is a hard feat. Made even trickier if you’re on a budget and want to avoid the typical (and sometimes tacky) heart-shaped chocolates and teddy bear.

If you’d prefer to express your appreciation for your other half with a more creative and travel-centric gift then keep on reading – this post is for you!

The journey so far

Where did you meet? Where did you share your first kiss? Where did you tie the knot? You get the gist. Use Google maps to pinpoint the exact location where these significant memories lie. Print the maps off, cut them into heart shapes and frame them with the caption above each one.

Re-live the good times

What better way to reminisce than with some of your most fond memories travelling as a couple. If you’re a bit of a hoarder like myself and hold onto memento’s (tickets, itineraries, receipts etc) now is the time to use them. Write a small comment/phrase on each memento and add a few pics of you both to bring the memory to life. Stick them to a scrapbook or piece of card to frame and display.

Say it with food

Think back to the places you’ve visited together and the cuisine you’ve tasted along the way. Take on the challenge of recreating a dish or memorable food you both loved and haven’t experienced since. I might try my hand at the perfect hāngi (New Zealand’s version of the ultimate roast dinner) what about you?

Explore on your doorstep

It’s the thought that counts and your other half would rather you spare a thought than their cash (here’s hoping, anyway). If there’s somewhere you or your partner haven’t yet been within an hour’s drive, then go. Whether it be a new walk, a drive that leads to a scenic spot with a beautiful view or somewhere you love that you haven’t yet shared with them.

Good luck & Happy Valentine’s!


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