What to Pack in Your Cabin Bag

It might sound like an obvious one but you can never be too prepared for your journey from A to B. Travel can inflict all sorts of side effects so having a ‘go to’ kit full of comforts and preventatives will have you looking less disheveled when rocking up in arrivals.

I recently boarded the longest flight I have ever been on. 17 hours straight from Auckland in New Zealand to Doha in Qatar. If that wasn’t enough, add another 7 hours to get to Male and a seaplane to our destination. Needless to say, I needed everything covered so here’s what I took.

Travel Wallet

First and foremost you need somewhere to keep your documents in one place. Tickets, itineraries, credit cards, money, passports, visas, there’s nothing worse when you’re frantically searching for these in your oversized bag full of other necessities. My blue travel wallet is from Redcurrent, and it has all the compartments you need. They also sell luggage tags and passport holders to match the colour of your choice.

As a side note: I usually leave my purse at home for two reasons; One because it weighs me down with all of the change that builds up and two if I don’t need everything in there, why take it?

Comfort Kit

I often keep the kits that airlines give out on board (this sleep tight one in the picture is from an Etihad Airways flight). The goodies can vary but usually contain anything from a mini toothbrush and toothpaste to flight socks, earplugs, an eye mask or a blow-up pillow. If you fly often enough it’s a good idea to make up one of your own.


Don’t ever rely on sleep to pass the time in the air. I rarely sleep longer than an hour or two on most flights so I always buy a good book in departures, take a pair of earphones to listen to some music and a notepad and pen to jot down any creative ideas that come to mind. I also find myself on snake or doodle jump if I’m really restless. If it kills half an hour then so be it!


There’s not a lot you can do about your hygiene on a 17-hour flight unless you’re lucky enough to land a first-class seat with shower access. For those of you who ride in the back like myself, wipes are a must. Trust me on this. I also take some vaseline to keep those lips hydrated and a pack of tissues for when the aircon brings on the sniffles.


For all other items in the picture that I haven’t yet mentioned, these make it only if I remember. The keep cup is for my coffee needs. My personalised compact mirror just because I love it! The clear plastic bag is to pre-pack my liquids for security (to save the messing). My watch because you should always rely on more than one form of timekeeping. And finally, sunnies for when I land and want to hide my tired eyes or avoid the sudden brightness if I’m in a hot country.

Ocassionaly I’ll change it up, sometimes I’ll take my GoPro or an extra item of clothing. It all depends on the type of trip I’m going on, but the above are typically my staples. What can’t you go without on a long-haul journey?








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