Where to Find the Best Coffee in Wellington City

If you’ve taken a read of some of the blogs I’ve written on cafes around Wellington you’d have gained a very small insight into the cafe culture that thrives in this coffee-crazed capital. With no exaggeration cafes here are in the hundreds and the number is only growing.

Even after living here for 18 months I still haven’t experienced all of them. But I’ve been here long enough to know where – come rain or shine, sit in or take out – my preferences lie.

The Harbourside Market – The Immigrant’s Son

A Sunday in Wellington City is best spent at the Harbourside Market with one of these. You can treat yourself to The Immigrant’s Son coffee at La Famiglia stall, one of many retailers in the city. If you hadn’t already guessed this coffee roaster is of Italian heritage and if memory serves me well I had the Radicato blend, creamy and chocolaty, just how I like it.

The Terrace – Coffee 32

You can find Coffee 32 on The Terrace and their counterpart, Coffee 86 on Lambton Quay. 32 wins my vote at this end of town and being close to where I work it’s the perfect pit stop in the AM. They use Flight Coffee and it never fails me. I’m yet to try their famous cheese scones, but I have never been a savoury kinda morning person.

Aro Valley – Aro Cafe

I couldn’t have chosen a more apt spot to live in Wellington because Aro Cafe is just a hop skip and a jump away from my front door. Without sounding biased this is by far the best coffee I’ve tasted. Aro Coffee is unlike any other, why? Because they roast their own beans. Full bodied, medium roast with chocolate and citrus flavours. Need I say more…

College Street – Ekor Bookshop and Cafe

Unsurprisingly if you read my last post, Ekor made it to the list. This cafe come bookshop is there to kick back with a Peoples coffee (and book in hand) for a couple of hours. To add to my love for this place, they often invite Wellington businesses (like Little Dough Company) to bring in their yummy snacks for us customers.

The Waterfront – Kaffee Eis

When the sun shows its face in the Capital don’t sweat with a piping hot coffee, opt for an Affogato – the coffee dessert. Kaffee Eis on Frank Kitts Lagoon combines their flavoursome gelato (vanilla in this instance) and espresso to create the most velvety tasting refreshment. Then, park yourself near the lagoon and watch the world go by.

What’s your most loved coffee spot in the city? Are there any I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comment box below…

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