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Who’s behind the blog?

I’m 25 years young and was born in the Celtic country of Wales in the UK. I live for travel, photography, coffee, and being able to express my love for it all on my blog, Memoirs On The Move.

Where do you live?

After finishing my education I booked a one-way ticket to the other side of the world to immerse myself in a different way of life. I arrived in Wellington, New Zealand and decided to make it my base whilst I explore the South Pacific.

What else do you do with your time?

I don’t blog for a living. So to pay the bills I work for the Ministry of Education in Wellington.

When did you start blogging?

My journey as a travel blogger started in 2015, moving to the other side of the world inspired me to document my adventures and share it all with other nomads.

Why blogging?

Ultimately, my little slice of the internet is a place where I can make sense of my time on the road and interact with fellow travellers and bloggers who share the same passions as me.

What means more is that my readers enjoy my content as much as I love creating it!

In saying that, comment on posts that you enjoy and email me if you’d like to see a blog post on something in particular. Or, if you think we could work together to create something epic get in touch!

Happy travels!

Jess x