Would You Cut Meat Out of Your Diet?

I’d be well off if I had a £1 for every time I got asked, “how have you transitioned from eating meat to not eating it at all“?

But let me just say, that I’m by no means a vegan and have never really claimed to be. I still eat fish and have my slip-ups like everyone would when changing up their diet drastically.

When I first wrote about changing my diet back in October I didn’t want to share my experience with you so prematurely, so now after 4 months I can delve a little deeper into my diet change and answer some of the questions that you might be asking yourself before taking the plunge.

Educate Yo’self

Don’t take anyone’s word for anything. One thing I’ve learned since making this lifestyle change is that there are a lot of opinions floating around so take everything with a pinch of salt until you form your own ideas. Watch a few documentaries, read some articles, spend time browsing YouTube. There’s so much on the internet now to help us make these decisions and you’ll typically find that the majority of evidence found from research, will reveal some home truths.

Don’t Hide It

There’s this stigma with vegans, that, for some reason, they’re pretentious and on this pedestal because they’re eating a different way. Don’t be put off by this. If you want to make a change, don’t let anyone get in the way of that. Sure, I don’t advertise the fact that I eat a vegan based diet but I’m not going to keep everything to myself because I’m scared of what people think. I like to share some aspects of my life on social media, such as recipes and the types of food I eat when I’m out. Who knows, it might be helping someone out.


I was and still am far from a master in the kitchen, but I have tried heaps of new products, recipes and food combos over the past few months, it’s great! The other day I attempted to make veggie burgers and failed miserably but you know what? I’m gunna keep at it and perfect those burgers until they’re scrummy! I like the challenge of making plant-based foods exciting and tasty. The satisfaction in giving my meat eating friends a taste and them being blown away feels good!

Notice changes

For whatever reason you’ve decided to make this change, it’s important to note how it has affected your life. For me, I feel healthier. Cutting meat out has improved bowel movement, my energy is off the charts and I generally feel better for it. I also feel more fulfilled emotionally, knowing I’m contributing to an ongoing movement that’s standing up for animal rights. Acknowledging this will not only show how far you’ve come but when you are a little down and even perhaps craving something it’ll remind you of why you started.

Have you made any changes to your diet in the New Year or thinking about it?

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Yes… I cut meat out of my diet a couple of years ago. I am now trying to move away from quite so much quorn and soya-based products and moving more to whole foods. And I am trying to ease back on eating fish unless we are out. Like you,… Read more »

Yes – it’s very much a case of having the time to find recipes that suit us – we are both dairy intolerant, too AND I have an allergy to chillies, which complicates things somewhat… But I feel great and mostly really enjoy my food.